Couples Clinic for Fertility Treatments

Generations Fertility Care offers a unique concept in fertility care with the Couples Clinic.
A Couples Issue
Fertility is a couples issue, yet often it is considered a female problem. Typically, women will undergo extensive fertility testing, only to later discover that there is a problem with the male partner as well.
In fact, approximately 50 percent of infertility cases involve male factor infertility. Even the medical community does not always appreciate how common male infertility truly is.
A Coordinated Approach
The Couples Clinic at Generations Fertility Care provides an efficient, well-coordinated approach to treating the couple, not just the individual.
During their appointment, both the man and woman will be seen by fertility specialists all under one roof. By the end of their appointment, the couple will be able to know their next steps and move forward more quickly.
Video: Dr. Williams discusses the Couples Clinic