Seamless, secure image sharing with partner organizations

ImageShare is a complimentary service designed to quickly allow image sharing between UW Health and other healthcare organizations, patients, or other third parties through secure network links. These links can be permanent, or temporary, depending on the circumstance. This fast and secure exchange of DICOM images eliminates patient care delays not only during routine appointments but in the event of a trauma/ER transfer, Telestroke case or urgent vascular surgery review.

How it works

Sharing images on a temporary basis

This method allows you to easily upload images for image exchange. You do not need to create an account or install any software.

This portal should ONLY be used to transfer images to UW Health locations in the Madison region.

DO NOT Upload images for the following locations: UnityPoint Health-Meriter, Associates Physicians, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin, Fort HealthCare, Mile Bluff Medical Center or Richland Hospital.

All image uploads for UW Health Northern Illinois should be done through the Citrix link.


  1. Processing uploaded images could take up to 48 to 72 hours before they are available to UW Health providers. UW Health provider should contact Image Management if images need to be processed sooner.

  2. Unless you are a physician, please do not upload images if you do not have a scheduled appointment.

  3. Please leave an accurate phone number, as we may need to validate your information on the phone.

To upload non-UW Health medical images and share them with a UW Health physician, visit the link below to begin the process (opening link in a new window is recommended):

UW Health LifeImage Connections

  • Once on the UW Health LifeImage Connections page, click on the “Request a Connection” button.

  • Fill out the Connection Request form to request permission to upload your imaging exams and click on the “Send Request” button when done. This will send the request to UW Health Enterprise Imaging and send you an email confirmation.

Once your request is approved by UW Health, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to get started.

  • Click on the Get Started link.

    • Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser due to potential issues with Java and other browsers. If Google Chrome is not your default browser, you might need to copy the Get Started hyperlink from email and paste it into Google Chrome.

  • Follow the instructions within the UW Health Image Management LifeImage portal to upload your medical images.

UW Health Northern Illinois

Notice to Users: The following information is currently being evaluated for relevancy and may be moved or deleted in the near future. If you are using this Citrix link, please contact UW Health Image Management & Exchange at (608) 720-6705. This section will be maintained until at least May 15, 2024.

UW Health facilities in northern Illinois and SwedishAmerican Hospital use Citrix software to allow remote users to view and share images. You will need to establish a user name and password.

Click here to access Citrix

Please note this is for users in Illinois only. Wisconsin users should use the LifeImage link detailed above.

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For Illinois hospitals and clinics

Image management

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