UW Health Hospital Medicine: Values and Roles

UW Health offers a qualified roster of hospital medicine physicians - also known as hospitalists - to care for patients admitted to the hospital with general medical health problems.
Our hospitalists excel in roles as diverse as patient care, teaching, research and administration, and seek to provide the new standard of inpatient medicine in this rapidly expanding field.
Clinical Roles
  • Hospitalists are inpatient/acute care specialists who employ leading-edge techniques and rely upon core quality measures to provide outstanding care
  • Hospitalists triage patients at admission and facilitate patient discharge
  • Through consultation hospitalists improve patient outcomes and enhance specialty physician efficiency
  • Hospitalists maintain a 24-hour presence in the hospital, improving care by complementing nursing staff and enhancing patient continuity as well as addressing the social issues of a hospital stay
  • Hospitalists maintain open communication with patients' referring physicians
  • Hospitalists contribute to a team-based model of care
Administrative Roles
  • Hospitalists contribute to quality improvement initiatives by developing, piloting and modeling the attending physician/patient care role and innovating effective clinical practice guidelines
  • Hospitalists consult with the Access Center to make efficient triage and hospital admission and community physician interface
  • Hospitalists demonstrate the latest practice standards and techniques, teach the proper process of care and provide a sustained supervisory presence for students and residents
  • Hospitalists instruct residents in the inpatient model of practice, inpatient medicine, time management and triage techniques
  • Hospitalists contribute to the development of training curriculum