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American Family Children's Hospital
You might not know it, but all of us at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, have given a new name to the people who support and provide the giving of the gift of life. We call you Hope. We think this is a great name for you because you are an amazing example of the most important part of the transplant process. We know our transplant recipients by name, too. Their name is Gratitude, because they know they have received the greatest gift of all.
In 2016, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue Donation. We think this milestone in our program's history is the perfect time to celebrate the meeting of Hope and Gratitude. The anniversary celebrations began in November 2015 with our Living Donor Ceremony and will continue throughout 2016. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with all of you who are Hope and Gratitude.


You can still order Home, Meet Gratitude apparel to celebrate UW Health Transplant's 50th anniversary 



The events are over, but you can still celebrate by ordering special apparel and merchandize emblazoned with the Hope, meet Gratitude logo or the UW Transplant 50th anniversary seal. There’s even a Dottie water bottle to brighten up your day.


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Look Back on Our Gala and Reunion


We officially celebrated in late July with our 50 Years of Hope Gala and the Hope, Meet Gratitude Reunion.


Whether you were able to attend the events or not, watch the touching Journey of the Heart video at left or browse through photos to re-live this wonderful weekend.

Rigby's Story


We encounter many stories of Hope and Gratitude; this one is all in the family. Rigby was born with end-stage kidney failure and prune belly syndrome. His father donated a kidney to his young son, and the family considers the UW Transplant team as part of the family, too. Watch their story at left.


Read our stories of Hope and Gratitude


Creating the Next 50 Years


There are more than 1,200 people currently waiting for a transplant at UW Hospital and Clinics, and 13,000 more received their transplant and require ongoing care. We're working to find ways to ensure that every patient receives a transplant, and then lives a long and healthy life. Your financial gift can help.


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UW Health Transplant Calendar 2016: Lisa, Michelle, Susan and Tim

Meet the People in Our Calendar


Lisa, Michelle, Susan and Tim (left) and all the people featured in our 2016 transplant calendar are creating Hope for those still awaiting transplant, and sharing Gratitude for the gift of life they received.


Meet our 2016 calendar participants

Check out the UW Transplant Timeline 



Interested in how our programs became leaders in transplantation and organ donation? Click through our timeline to review the many ways we created, and are directing the future of transplantation.

Hope, Meet Gratitude - Watch Our Video; UW Health Transplant Program, Madison, Wisconsin spacer Register as an Organ and Tissue Donor