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American Family Children's Hospital

Hope, Meet Gratitude: Our Stories

In 2016, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue Donation, we are sharing your stories of Hope and Gratitude. 


Please Share Your Story and Photo


UW Health would like to illustrate the connection between Hope and Gratitude by inviting you to share your stories and photos. Our transplant and donation family is large, and everyone is welcome to participate. We'll share your stories here, and through presentations, videos, advertisements, social media and events.


Grateful Recipients


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Share Your Story


All Who Are Hope

(e.g., Living donors, donor family members, volunteers, transplant and organ/tissue donation professionals, physicians and clinicians, registered organ donors)

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Share Your Story 



As stories and photos are shared, we'll update this page, so please visit often to read more stories of Hope and Gratitude.







For questions about the 50th anniversary or more information about sharing your story, please contact Kathy Schultz, UW Health Marketing, at or (608) 262-9374.