Amber's Story

Amber's ability to administer Total Parenteral Nutrition allowed her to live her life to the fullest.With her first admission to the hospital at age 11, Amber is no stranger to the world of health care.


But at age 13 when her doctor told her she needed to stop eating and begin IV nutrition to gain control over her chronic intestinal pseudo-obstructions (inability of the intestines to digest food), she experienced a lesser-known aspect of health care: Home infusion therapy.


Amber has received home infusion therapy from Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin for more than 19 years. For most of that time she has received Parenteral Nutrition, which she infused nightly.


Being able to learn how to set up and give the Parenteral Nutrition on her own has allowed Amber her independence to pursue her dreams as a normal teenager and young woman.


Whether it's horseback riding, swimming or sewing, Amber is enjoying life to its fullest. As she says, "If it wasn't for home Parenteral Nutrition, I wouldn't be here today."


Amber appreciates the relationship she has with Chartwell.


"I am able to talk to a nurse in the middle of the night instead of having to wait until morning," she said. "The pharmacist always communicates with me on Parenteral Nutrition formulations and laboratory results. And there have been times when I needed supplies at the last minute and Chartwell was able to get me the supplies I needed on time. I trust Chartwell, and they have been easy to work with."