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Our Staff

Reception Staff


Our friendly reception staff will greet you at our medical specialties clinic check-in desk as you arrive in our clinic and let staff know you have arrived for your appointment. You will see them again after your appointment at our check-out desk, where they will be happy to help you schedule any follow-up appointments and provide you with an after-visit summary if you would like one.


They also will be the first people you talk with when you call the clinic. They can reschedule appointments or send a message to your nurse or doctor regarding any questions or concerns you have.


Medical Assistants


Our medical assistants will call your first name in the clinic waiting room and bring you back to an exam room to start the process of getting you ready to meet your medical provider. They will take your blood pressure and other vitals, ask you about your allergies and medications (if no pharmacist is available), and review your referring and primary care provider information to ensure accuracy.



Members of the UW Health HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care team 

The clinical pharmacist will meet with you during your visit to discuss your medications and how you are taking them. They work closely with your provider, nursing staff and social work staff to ensure that your HIV medication regimen is as manageable and affordable as possible.


The pharmacist will also work with you and your team to find ways to help decrease potential side effects of your medications.


Medical Providers


Our medical providers include physicians and Advanced Practice Providers who specialize in taking care of people living with HIV. With many years of experience in clinical and research work, they are ready to help you establish and meet your goals of care. Meet our providers


Clinic Nurses


You may see a nurse after your visit with your doctor or mid-level practitioner. They will do immunizations and other screenings at the request of your provider. They will also receive messages from reception staff and work with you and your provider in getting your questions and concerns answered.


Social Worker/Medical Case Manager


One of our social workers will meet with you at least once a year to assess and address any concerns or questions that might impact your HIV care or overall health. We offer short-term social work services as well as the more intensive medical case management services when there are more complex care coordination needs. Social workers work closely with your providers and the other care team members to help you meet your goals related to your overall health and well-being. Learn more


Linkage to Care Specialist


The linkage to care specialist is a social worker who provides short-term, intensive case management services for people who may be newly diagnosed with HIV, have barriers to engaging in HIV care and are in need of some additional support.


Intensive Medical Case Manager


Our Intensive Medical Case Manager (IMCM) is a social worker who works with patients long-term, as compared to our Linkage to Care Specialist. Our IMCM works with a smaller number of patients who may have more barriers to accessing healthcare, and who benefit from more frequent contact and communication in order to assist them in meeting their healthcare and day-to-day goals.


PrEP Navigator


Our PrEP Navigator provides patient support and navigation services to HIV negative individuals who are at higher risk for acquiring HIV and/or who may have barriers to accessing and adhering to PrEP care. The PrEP Navigator can assist with HIV screening and PrEP decision support to at-risk individuals, health benefit screening and enrollment, and linkage to mental health services and other medical providers.