From Positive Times: Your Social Worker - Connecting You to Comprehensive Care

By Cindy Wallace, LCSW


Social workers are part of your HIV care team which also includes your provider, nurse, and pharmacist. Social workers meet with every person at least once a year as part of routine care.

The social worker will ask about any concerns you have that are impacting your health. They will assess your eligibility for insurance and benefit programs, such as the Ryan White Program or Pharmacy Copay Cards. They will also offer a behavioral health questionnaire which screens for symptoms of anxiety, depression or substance use. The social worker can help you connect with other services in the community to support your health.

Our program receives federal Ryan White Program grant funds to help people living with HIV to access care. To meet grant requirements, social workers will ask you questions about your income, household size and housing situation. When you answer these questions, you are helping us to continue to provide HIV care to all regardless of ability to pay. The answers you provide are not linked to your name in federal grant reports and you have the right to decline answering any questions.

Social workers are always happy to answer questions and discuss the topics that are important to you. We look forward to seeing you soon!