From Positive Times: HIV Clinic Nurses - Your First line of Communication

HIV Clinic Nurses

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UW Health Comprehensive HIV Care Clinic NursesThe HIV clinic nurses are a vital part of your care team, which also includes your provider, social worker, pharmacist and medical assistants. We strive to give care in a non-judgmental and respectful way. Many times, we are the first line of communication between patients and other care team members.

Behind the scenes, we can be seen prepping for future clinic appointments, responding to phone calls and MyChart messages, refilling medications and going over the plan of care.


At times, we also assist in coordinating and scheduling appointments. During appointments we will often go over the plan of care, make sure you are up to date on immunizations (DON’T FORGET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!), offer STD screening and review other preventative measures. We also provide nursing assistance to PrEP patients.

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