Additional Support Services

HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program Contact Information

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In addition to medical services, the UW Health HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program provides numerous additional support services to help you link to and remain in care.


If you are interested in any of these programs, talk with your social worker/medical case manager.


Covering the Costs of Health Care


Costs can be a serious source of stress and worry. Our social workers/medical case managers will help you to understand your health care coverage options and assist you with enrollment. They have extensive experience working with Medicaid, Medicare, The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Employer Insurance Plans and other programs to help cover the cost of medications and medical care. They will also assess your eligibility to receive Ryan White Program assistance for additional help with out-of-pocket costs related to HIV care.


Transportation Assistance


Some people may have trouble getting to their appointments. One goal of our program is to empower people to improve access to transportation so that getting to and from appointments will not be a significant barrier to care and achieving good health outcomes.


Our social workers/medical case managers will assist patients with identifying and using existing transportation resources. When other modes of transportation are not available, our program may be able to provide transportation assistance to eligible individuals to ensure they can make it to their medical appointments and stay healthy.


Medical Case Management


The Medical Case Management program allows for a social worker to help you with care coordination and navigation to continue to attend appointments, take medications and feel well. They can assist with insurance and benefit enrollment, link you with other services in the community, and provide other support as needed.


Linkage to Care Program


Our programs value helping people access HIV care as soon as possible. We offer a Linkage to Care Program where we provide a focused effort to quickly engage people who are either newly-diagnosed, or who are aware of their HIV diagnosis and not currently being seen by a provider. This social worker/medical case manager serves as a patient navigator, helping people connect to HIV medical care and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be active participants in their health care.


The program provides intensive linkage case management to a small group of people for a period of 6-9 months. Services that are provided include intensive outreach, psychosocial assessment, referrals, and patient navigation. This outreach includes traditional forms, such as phone calls, along with non-traditional forms, such as texting and community-based/home visits.


The goal is to link and re-engage people in UW Health HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program care services and successfully transition them to less intensive medical case management services. Individuals are referred to the linkage to care specialist by medical providers, social workers, and clinic staff, as well as community partners.


Intensive Medical Case Management


Our newest support service is our Intensive Medical Case Management Program. There are some people who may benefit from intensive support and care coordination for a longer period of time than what is traditionally offered in the Linkage to Care Program. This program allows for a social worker/medical case manager to work with you long-term in order to continue to help you meet the goals you have for your health.


Behavioral Health Services


Our program also values your emotional well-being. We recognize that living with chronic illness may be stressful at times. Once a year, our social workers will offer a one-page screening that can help identify any impact stress may be having on your daily life. If you are interested, they can also help link you to behavioral health providers within your insurance network. Additionally, our clinic contracts and partners with behavioral health providers at Journey Mental Health Center to provide comprehensive psychiatric and therapy services, even for people without insurance.


Addiction Medicine Services


One day a week in our clinic, we offer medication-assisted treatment for people who have a history of addiction. Our providers focus specifically in addiction medicine and provide care in a confidential and non-judgmental way.


Housing Services


We recognize that worries about housing can impact how a person takes care of their health. To help address this, we have partnered with the Tenant Resource Center in Madison to provide housing navigation, case management, eviction prevention and financial assistance to eligible individuals.