HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program Quiz

The UW Health HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program at UW Hospital and Clinics has prepared the quiz below to increase knowledge and dispel falsities about HIV/AIDS.


To complete the quiz, answer the questions below and then select the submit button. Upon submission a page with the answers to the questions will display.


1. HIV can be transmitted by:



2. Touching blood is a direct route for HIV infection. 



3. HIV and AIDS are two different things. 



4. Of all adults living with HIV/AIDS in the world, how many are women? 



5. In the United States, fewer people are getting HIV today than 20 years ago. 



6. HIV/AIDS is curable.



7. Women who have HIV/AIDS can have babies that don't have HIV infection.



8. Everyone who has HIV infection will eventually develop AIDS. 



9. All types of unprotected sex carry equal risk of HIV transmission for anyone involved.



10. It is important to get an HIV test only if you: