Women's Heart Health Cardiovascular Consultation

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(608) 263-1530
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Women's Heart Health ProgramWomen who have met with a UW Health Women's Heart Health Program representative and been referred for an office visit will see a female cardiologist.
During your initial consultation, a detailed cardiovascular history and physical examination will be completed in order to establish an individualized treatment plan.
You may be referred for additional cardiology tests to help determine your risk of a future cardiac event or to further assess your heart's condition. Your history, examination and test results will be interpreted from a women's heart perspective, with the goal of helping you achieve optimal heart health now and for the future. Medication and treatment plans will be individualized according to your needs.
Achieving Optimal Heart Health
Our staff of nurses, dietitians and exercise specialists will provide:
  • Education and support for making lifestyle changes during the initial consult as well as during follow-up visits
  • Personalized information regarding cardiovascular testing, medications and treatment plans

When it comes to heart health for women, our physicians are some of the best in the world. From educating other physicians on how to care for women with heart disease to helping establish our nation's clinical and research agendas for women's health, our physicians have been there.