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Measurement of CIMT to Identify Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis and Predict Cardiovascular Risk:

American Heart Association Prevention Conference V - "Beyond Secondary Prevention: Identifying the High-Risk Patient for Primary Prevention"


"Carotid artery B-mode ultrasound imaging is a safe, noninvasive, and relatively inexpensive means of assessing subclinical atherosclerosis. The technique is a valid and reliable means of measuring IMT, an operational measure of atherosclerosis. The severity of carotid IMT is an independent predictor of transient cerebral ischemia, stroke, and coronary events such as MI. Writing Group III concluded that in asymptomatic patients >45 years old, carefully performed carotid ultrasound examination with IMT measurement can add incremental information to traditional risk factor assessment. In experienced laboratories, this test can now be considered for further clarification of CHD risk assessment at the request of a physician."


Greenland P et al. Writing Group III. Circulation 2000; Jan 4;101(1):E16-22.