The Beat Goes On: A Guide to Caring for Your Heart

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The UW Health Heart and Vascular Care team in Madison, Wisconsin, has created this instructional video tutorial to help heart attack patients make the transition from hospital to home.
Use the videos below to become a more active participant in your care and learn more about heart health.
The Beat Goes On: A Guide to Caring for Your Health
Image of heart
The Beat Goes On: How Heart Disease Develops
Heart disease is most commonly caused by a hardening of the arteries that lead to the heart.  
Pharmacist and patient
The Beat Goes On: Medications
Heart health depends on taking prescribed medications consistently and on time.  
Dr. Randy Wolff talks about The Beat Goes On 
The Beat Goes On: Nutrition
Goals of heart healthy nutrition include limiting your saturated fat intake and increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables.  
Woman walking 
The Beat Goes On: Exercise
Exercise is every bit as important to heart health as taking your medications and following a heart-healthy diet. 
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The Beat Goes On: Emotions and Heart Disease
Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain says adjustments to heart disease can be difficult and anxiety is a common reaction.  
Heart disease survivor 
The Beat Goes On: Testimonials
How does heart disease effect your life? Learn from patients who know.