Q & A: Seeking a Second Opinion

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Call (608) 263-7092 or (800) 438-3102 to speak with a Heart and Vascular Care team member and set up an appointment, or submit your contact information online:


Heart and Vascular Second Opinion Request Form

You have been diagnosed with some type of heart or vascular health problem - an aneurysm, blockages in arteries in your heart, leg, neck or heart valve, or heart rhythm problems. You want to have another specialist's opinion because you're asking yourself, "Do I really need the procedure the physician is recommending?"
Here's how you can see one of our heart and vascular specialists within 48 hours for a Second Opinion on your condition and the treatment that's been recommended:
Q. How do I contact the UW Health Heart and Vascular Care Second Opinion Program?
A. Call 1-800-438-3102 or (608) 263-7092 - a UW Health Heart and Vascular Care team member is available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. You may also submit your contact information online with the Heart and Vascular Second Opinion Request Form.
If you call or contact us after hours, the second opinion team member will contact you via telephone to obtain a more detailed health history and then set up an appointment for you with the appropriate Heart and Vascular Care specialist.
Q. I'm not aware of the different UW Health specialists or treatments you can offer. How can I learn more?
A. Information about our specialists and some of the procedures offered is available in the UW Health Heart and Vascular Care section of our Web site. Our second opinion nurse also has thorough knowledge of our specialists and procedures and would be happy to provide you with more information. Please call 1-800-438-3102 to talk with one of our second opinion team members.
Q. Will my health insurance pay for a second opinion?
A. You will need to check with your insurance plan. Generally, a customer service representative can help you with that question. If your insurance plan does not cover a second opinion appointment or necessary tests, you may obtain estimated costs by calling UW Health's Price Info Line staff at (608) 263-1507. Price Info Line is available Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm.
Q. UW Hospital is a big place. I'm not sure how to get there and where to park.
A. Visit our Locations and Maps section for directions to get to UW Hospital and Clinics.
Q. Can you use test/clinic information from my current provider to provide a second opinion?
A. Absolutely, as long as the tests provide the necessary images or information. You will need to sign a release of information form for UW Hospital to obtain any previous tests. This can be completed easily via fax or you can go directly to your current provider and sign a release of information form.
Q. Will I have to have some tests repeated?
A. Typically by obtaining actual copies of the films/tapes with the report, the test is not repeated. Additional tests can occur but that would be after the patient has been evaluated. A test may be repeated, but only if the quality is not sufficient or our specialists need to see something not visible on the test.
Q. Is it difficult to get an appointment with a specialist?
A. After a receiving a diagnosis or recommended treatment, patients are often eager to confirm a treatment or plan of care. Through this program, an appointment is scheduled within 48 hours, or at the patient's preference for the initial evaluation, depending on your current health condition.
Q. Will I have to come early to register at UW Hospital on the day of my appointment?
A. You may call 1-800-303-6114 prior to your appointment to update your information. On the day of your appointment, however, you will still have to stop at the registration desk to verify the information that you have already given. But the process will be faster if you pre-register.
Q. I am not comfortable telling my doctor that I want a second opinion. Can you help with that?
A. We can fax you the release of information form, which you can sign and return via fax. Our Heart and Vascular Care team members will follow up to make sure that information is here in time for your appointment.