Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

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(608) 263-7420

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation at UW Health is a comprehensive program designed to improve overall physical and mental health after patients have been diagnosed with heart diseases or blood vessel disease.
We assign a personal case manager to guide our patients through an individualized heart recovery program, including: 

    In the aftermath of suffering three small heart attacks in three days, Roberta embraced UW Health's cardiac rehabilitation program.

    Exercise and activity prescription
  • Dietary assessment
  • Emotional/social assessment
  • Review of other risk factors for progressive heart/blood vessel disease

Our goals are to help patients lower risk for future heart and blood vessel problems, improve overall health and functioning and provide education on how to work with health providers in taking care of their hearts.


Education and Discussion


We offer individual educational opportunities and weekly class discussions on:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Heart anatomy and cholesterol control
Referrals from primary care physicians or insurance providers are required. During the initial visit, patients will meet with a clinician to discuss health history, personal goals and rehabilitation options. Subsequent visits will involve exercise, education and counseling. For further information, please call (608) 263-7420.
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