Monitoring a Patient's Condition

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For patients whose aneurysms aren't large enough to require immediate surgical intervention, UW Health's Complex Aortic Surgery Program offers careful, frequent monitoring of the patient's condition, which is often effective at preventing serious problems from developing. For this reason, UW Health surgeons recommend that at-risk patients receive screenings to determine whether they have aortic disease.


Using abdominal ultrasound techniques, X-rays and state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging equipment, UW Health radiologists are able to capture incredibly detailed 3-D images of the aorta, allowing team members to pinpoint both the size and location of the aneurysm.


Those patients whose aneurysms are larger than 4.5 centimeters are evaluated for surgical risk, and after correction of any significant cardiac and vascular risk factors, are advised about options and treatment risk before the appropriate treatment is carried out. If necessary, these patients can be immediately scheduled for treatment.


This careful approach has resulted in superior outcomes and survival for these complex patients. Patients with smaller aneurysms can be carefully tracked over time.