Complex Aortic Surgery Program Treatment Options

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UW Health's Complex Aortic Surgery Program brings together expert specialty care encompassing all of the currently available techniques to diagnose and treat diseases of the aorta.
Treatment must be tailored to the individual patient, who benefits from expertise from a wide variety of expertise of cardiovascular and vascular surgeons, cardiologists and anesthesiologists, as well as imaging radiologists and ICU intensivists.
In our program, patients can access the very latest in treatment and repair options, as well as the expertise to apply the appropriate technology to the appropriate patient.
Depending on a patient's anatomy and the seriousness of the aortic disease, treatment options include:
  • Innovative, Individualized Surgical Repair
  • Minimally Invasive Endografts
    Surgeons enter through the patient's groin, using catheters and guide wires to insert a stent endograft through the femoral artery to repair the aneurysm
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
    Using smaller incisions and standard instrumentation, UW Health cardiothoracic surgeons can repair complex aortic aneurysms with less trauma than full open repair, shortening the patient's length of stay in the hospital without increasing mortality risk
  • Stent Endografts
    This procedure is performed in UW Health's cardiac catheterization laboratory