Cardiac Arrest Prevention Program

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(608) 890-7760
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UW Health's Cardiac Arrest Prevention Program in Madison, Wisconsin, is designed to understand the reasons for a heart event in the patient or sudden death of a family member(s), and to determine the best course of action to reduce risk in all family members.
Our comprehensive program offers advanced diagnostic testing and personalized treatment plans including medication and lifestyle modifications and interventional treatment when needed.
It offers patients and family members a starting point. After a self or provider referral, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation which may range from assessment of traditional risk factors to genetic testing, if desired. Depending on the type of history of heart problems and risk in your family, this clinic will take a very thorough review and evaluation of the family, and determine the best approach to reducing risk of heart disease events.
Based on the evaluation, patients are connected with specialists and resources in preventive cardiology, heart failure, electrophysiology or the inherited arrhythmias clinic (see information for each of these programs below). Specialists and staff in the clinic will provide an individualized and family approach to prevention and reduction of their risk factors using UW Health experts.