Angiography Suite

UW Health's Angiography SuiteUW Health’s Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Care program combines state-of-the-art imaging technology with cutting edge minimally invasive surgical procedures in our new Angiography Suite.
This technology acts as an extension of the patient care team, guiding each task and enhancing our armamentarium of care to heal the people of Wisconsin and beyond.
Equipped with sophisticated advanced technology, our physicians may now better visualize and treat patients with complicated vascular diseases - all within a single hybrid room.
Robotic imaging technology supports the use of less invasive techniques for superior patient outcomes, and permits immediate visualization of results. This occurs in a sterile, fully functional operating room where the full range of diagnostic and treatment options can be used in one treatment encounter.
Most Common Services Offered in the Angiography Suite
  • Offers most advanced imaging capabilities
  • With improved spatial resolution and soft tissue overlay, our surgeons can more precisely and safely guide devices in real-time due to advanced technologies such as fusion imaging, flat panel detector and FluoroCT.
Fusion Imaging
  • 3D imaging allows surgeons to see soft tissue anatomy which was not visible before
  • Prior radiographic studies, like CT data, is fused with the current images to conserve radiation exposure, time, and contrast infusion
Robotic Flat Panel Detector
  • Greatly improves image resolution
  • Allows our team to use a fraction of the radiation
  • Virtually limitless multiaxis rotation and compact design allows for improved patient access
Traditional Image Intensifier Image New Image with Flat Panel Detector

  • Improves spatial resolution and soft tissue imaging for optimal procedure evaluation: before, during and after an intervention. Allows earlier recognition of complications and treatment failures with reintervention in the same encounter.
  • No need for room transfer as imaging is now performed in the suite for immediate pre- or post-op evaluation.

Allows Surgeons to Perform Image-Based, Minimally Invasive Procedures
Combined with the recent explosion in catheter technology, hybrid procedures indicate a major paradigm shift and are revolutionizing the field of vascular surgery. 
Our surgeons can now:
  • Perform cases that are partially open and partially catheter based
  • Treat very complicated diseases using minimally invasive techniques
  • Access new places and smaller spaces in the body to enhance patient outcomes
As a result of these hybrid procedures, such as endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms, patients heal better, faster and experience less down time from their normal activities.

Increases Surgical Eligibility
Our new technology offers alternative options for patients with complex surgical diseases that might not otherwise be surgical candidates.

The modern, robotic hybrid angiography suite allows us to provide superior patient care by improving our ability to visualize and treat vascular disease with minimally invasive endovascular techniques.
UW developed the first vascular surgery practice and has a legacy of more than three decades of specialty vascular surgery care in Wisconsin. UW remains at the forefront of the global care of patients with vascular disease, including non-invasive diagnosis, medical treatment, classic surgical procedures, and endovascular surgery.