30-Day Surgical Mortality: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

A coronary artery bypass graft addresses the most common form of heart disease, blockages limiting flow of blood through the coronary arteries. UW Health's multidisciplinary team addresses coronary artery disease through medication and lifestyle changes, but many patients require surgery to bypass diseased vessels.


The graph below shows UW Hospital's outcomes for adult patients who underwent bypass surgery. The mortality rates are extremely low. 

Included in these outcomes are surgeries performed "off pump." This advanced technique refers to operating while the heart is still beating.  
  • Vertical axis: 30-day mortality rate percentages
  • Horizontal axis: Year 
UW Hospital 0.6 0.0 1.5 2.3 2.5 0.9
Benchmark 3 2.1 1.9 2 1.9 2


Data Analyses of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Adult Cardiac Surgery Database – Spring 2006-2011 Executive Summaries. Unadjusted Risk Data.