Midstream Urine Collection -- Males | Spanish Version

Cystoscopy with Bladder Biopsy, Cystolitholapaxy

Adult Circumcision Care


Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) and Transurethral Incision of Prostate (TUIP) Home Care | Spanish Version

Hydrocele (Adult) Repair

Urinary Tract Infections: Information for Women

Intravenous Urography (IVU)/Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) – A Guide for Patients

Caring for your Child after Orchiopexy | Spanish Version

Clean Catheterization Female

Clean Catheterization Males | Spanish Version

Inflatable Penile Implant Home Care

Nephrectomy | Spanish Version

Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy (DVIU) Home Care After Surgery

Cystoscopy with Hydrodistention

Indiana Pouch

Going Home with a Urinary Catheter | Spanish Version

Suprapubic Catheter Home Care Instructions

Cystoscopy | Spanish Version


Adult Varicocelectomy Home Care After Surgery

Prostate Ultrasound with Biopsy | Spanish Version

Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy

Uroflow Test and Post Void Residual

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) | Spanish Version

Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT), Guidelines for Your Care After Surgery | Spanish Version

Kidney Stones | Spanish Version

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

Modified Bowel Preparation - Urology Clinic

Percutaneous CT and Ultrasound-Guided Tumor Ablation


Radical Cystectomy | Spanish Version

Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND) | Spanish Version

Circumcision (Pediatrics) | Spanish Version

Neobladder Continent Urinary Diversion

Urodynamic Testing

Pubovaginal Sling - Home Care Instructions | Spanish Version

Ureteroscopy (URS) | Spanish Version

GoLYTELY Full Bowel Prep – Urology - 1 or 2 day

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJO)

Caring for your Child after Reimplant Surgery

Caring for Your Child after Pyeloplasty | Spanish Version

Inflatable Penile Implant Surgery Home Care

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) - Pediatric

Urethrolysis Home Care


Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy | Spanish Version


Tips for Using an Enuresis Alarm

Biofeedback for Pediatric Urology Patients


Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

Ureteral Stent Placement, Removal, or Change | Spanish Version

Meatal Stenosis/Meatourethroplasty

Timed Urine Collection for Creatinine Clearance(24 Hour)

Mitomycin/Thiotepa Bladder Instillation/Treatment


Laparoscopic Renal Cyst Decortication

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy - Urology

Pediatric Hydrocele

Pediatric Urodynamic Testing

Mid-Urethral Sling

Urinary Catheters and Urinary Tract Infections | Spanish Version

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) after Prostate Surgery

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Self-Injection

Moving Forward in Your Recovery after Radical Prostatectomy

Bladder Management: Using a Condom Catheter

Bladder Management: Mitrofanoff Procedure

The Tube That Drains Your Child's Bladder | Spanish Version

Catheter Irrigation

Urinary Catheters: Home Care | Spanish Version

Ileal Loop/Conduit Urinary Diversion

Cunningham Clamp

Patients Guide to a Voiding Trial

Patient’s Guide to a Voiding Trial

Lupus Nephritis | Genitourinary