Mother-Baby Care

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Arrange Emergency Neonatal Transfer

Call (866) 678-7636

Please be ready with the following information:

  • • Patient's name, date/time of birth, gestational age, birth weight, current weight and mother's name
  • • Diagnosis or condition
  • • Referring physician’s name/contact
  • • Name and street address of referring facility

A member of our team will let you know when to expect the arrival of the critical care transport team/CHETA ambulance and to which of our NICUs your patient will be admitted.


Consult With A Specialist

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Refer A Patient

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Nurse Educators:

Kate Kroes and

Nancy Comello

Call (608) 417-7491

Class schedule


Questions (Financial/Billing)

American Family Children's Hospital: (877) 565-0505 or (866) 841-8535

UnityPoint Health - Meriter: (608) 417-3800

UW Health: (877) 565-0505 or (866) 841-8535


Questions (other)

Executive Director:

Kathy Kostrivas


For Providers

Refer for Maternal Diagnostics and Procedures

Refer for Fetal Diagnostics and Procedures

Neonatal Transport Survey (QR code needed to complete)


For Families

CHETA Guidelines for Parents (pdf)

CHETA Permission to Transport Form (pdf)

Why is my baby being transferred? (pdf)

Neonatal Transport Survey (QR code needed to complete)

Mother-Baby Care, UW Health and UnityPoint Health - Meriter, Madison, Wisconsin


Mother-Baby Care gives you access to the world-class team of maternal, neonatal and pediatric specialists and advanced facilities of UW Health, American Family Children's Hospital and UnityPoint Health - Meriter in Madison, Wisconsin. Whether you have a high-risk mother or a fragile neonate, we are here to help.


One Call Does It All


With just one call, you can consult with a specialist, refer a patient or arrange for emergency transport. Our team is available 24/7/365 to support all your maternal and fetal care needs. Let us know if you prefer to transfer a patient or "Share Care" (co-manage their care). Call us to:

  • Arrange emergency neonatal transfer to Madison, Wisconsin
    • Level IV NICU: UW Health's American Family Children's Hospital
    • Level III NICU: UnityPoint Health - Meriter
  • Consult with a UW Health maternal-fetal medicine specialist or arrange for a maternal transfer to Meriter's Level III obstetrical service
  • Consult with a UW Health neonatologist or pediatric subspecialist for neonates
  • Refer a patient for maternal or fetal diagnostics or procedures
    • Call or complete online form
    • Consultation, Share Care or patient transfer options
    • Services include ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram

About Us


Our services are designed to help mothers and babies throughout the region have the best possible outcomes. This includes evaluating, diagnosing and treating complex conditions before, during and after delivery. We also perform in-utero procedures, as well as specialized neonatal surgery.


Our Locations


Mother-Baby Care is a partnership between UW Health, American Family Children's Hospital and UnityPoint Health - Meriter. Care is provided at these state-of-the-art facilities:

Our Team


The Mother-Baby Care team is here to ensure you and your patients have access to the best possible maternal and neonatal care. Our phone line is staffed by registered nurses. The program is supported by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Many of the physicians are faculty and top-ranked in areas including maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, NICU hospitalists and pediatric specialties.


Emergency transport of neonates to our NICUs is provided by our critical care transport teams and CHETA ambulances. Learn more about our NICU providers


Center for Perinatal Care


Our Center for Perinatal Care team includes a full network of maternal and fetal care experts to help ensure your patient’s concerns are identified and managed upfront before delivery. We assist patients with both routine and complex pregnancies. This includes pre-pregnancy evaluation as well as care for pregnant women with other conditions affecting their pregnancy such as cancer, cardiac concerns, diabetes, weight management issues or organ transplantation. Our obstetrical anesthesia experts are available for consultation and available 24/7 for all pain management and procedural anesthesia needs.


Our team also includes specialists in fetal cardiology, fetal neurology, multifetal pregnancy, genetic disorders, pediatric procedures and in-utero screenings.


Each mother is assigned a Maternal /Fetal Concerns Care Coordinator (registered nurse) who oversees implementation of the patient’s individualized care plan. This includes providing emotional support as well as coordinating appointments with specialists and working with women to develop their birth plan. The coordinator also is responsible for keeping the patient’s referring provider well informed.


Call the Mother-Bay Care phone line to arrange a consultation with one of our specialists. If you prefer to have your patient see one of our specialists, let us know whether you would like to co-manage her care (also called "Share Care") or transfer her.


Neonatal Intensive Care


Neonates with medically complex conditions or who require surgery are cared for by our Level IV NICU team. Those born prematurely and needing extra support to grow and develop are cared for by our Level III NICU team. Combined, we care for more than 800 infants annually in our NICUs.




Mother-Baby Care team offers a range of classes for our regional partners. Click here for a list of topics, dates, locations and registration details. If you have questions, please contact one of our two registered nurse educators for more details at (608) 417-7491.