PGY1 Pharmacy Residency with an Ambulatory Care Emphasis

Residents who successfully complete the UW Health PGY1 Pharmacy Residency with an ambulatory care emphasis will be able to provide integrated pharmaceutical care at a patient-specific level as well as a patient population level across the continuum.


This residency will provide residents with opportunities to conceptualize, integrate and transform accumulated experiences and knowledge into skill, competence and confidence in providing safe, efficient and cost-effective patient care.


Residents will acquire a philosophy of practice that includes:

  • Pharmacists' responsibility and accountability for pursuing optimal drug-therapy outcomes and medication safety in the provision of patient care
  • Education and training of other health professionals and students
  • A program of self-learning and continuing professional development
  • A commitment to the profession and their community
  • An appreciation for scholarly activity

Education and training in the fundamentals of contemporary pharmacy practice will serve as a foundation for further training in specialized residencies or specialty practice positions.