Pharmacy Medication Systems and Operations Residency Rotations

Residency Structure


The base of the residency is four-week rotations in a variety of clinical and operational areas throughout the pharmacy department. The first six months will focus on clinical areas and the remainder of the residency will be a mix of clinical and operational rotations. The resident will rotate through each of these rotations while maintaining his/her required staffing component of the residency and other required activities. The resident will also be required to complete two major projects (one each year).


Note that although the two year MSO residency is 104 weeks, longitudinal rotations add an additional 42 weeks of experience to the program.


Core Structure:

  • 4 weeks of department training
  • 28 weeks of clinical patient care rotations (7 four-week rotations)
    • Includes two required for staffing areas
    • Includes two optional clinical patient care rotations
    • Includes two required hybrid clinical/operational patient care rotations
    • Includes one required pharmaceutical research patient care rotation
  • 57 weeks of required MSO-specific rotations
    • Includes 7 weeks of elective rotation time in any MSO-specific rotation
  • 8 weeks of required management rotations
  • 2 weeks of conference attendance
  • 5 weeks of project time
  • 42 weeks of longitudinal rotations

Clinical Rotations


Staffing Areas (4w assigned to resident based upon staffing need)

General Internal Medicine

Medical Cardiology


General Surgery

General Pediatrics


Optional (4w)

Abdominal Transplant

Gynecology/Oncology Surgery

Nuclear Medicine



Nutritional Support

Bone Marrow Transplant



Cardiothoracic Surgery

Infectious Disease

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/BMT

Family Medicine

Medical Cardiology

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

General Internal Medicine

Medical/Surgical ICU

Peripheral Vascular Surgery

General Pediatrics



General Surgery



Required (4w)

Operating Room (hybrid)

Emergency Department (hybrid)

Pharmaceutical Research Center


MSO-Specific Rotations



Advanced Medication Use Systems (4w)

Informatics (8w)

Advanced Practice and Operations (4w)

Inpatient Operations I (4w)

Contracting and Supply Chain (4w)

Inpatient Operations II (8w)

Directing Integrated Pharmacy Services (10w)

Shared Services (8w)


Management Rotations


Required (4w)

Clinical Management

Pharmacy Administration and Leadership


Longitudinal Rotations



Medication Use Evaluation (8w)

Drug Policy (22w)

Medication Safety (16w)