Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Residency: Meet Our Resident

The resident in the UW Health Infectious Diseases Residency serves as an integral member of the multidisciplinary infectious diseases team.


Jefferson Cua, PharmD

  • PGY1: University of Michigan Medicine
  • Pharmacy School: University of California-San Francisco
  • Residency Project: Antifungal Stewardship
  • Career Interests: Antimicrobial stewardship, immunocompromised patients and opportunistic infections, underserved patient populations
  • Hobbies: Hiking, photography, traveling
  • Why UW? The specialty care services UW Health provides to various immunocompromised patient populations coupled with robust antimicrobial stewardship makes this residency program ripe with learning opportunities. The long-lasting impact of residency projects also speaks to the caliber of research and value of residents at UW Health.
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