Exercise Science Student Internship

Internship Plan


Sports Medicine Exercise Science Student Interns may customize an internship plan based on specific educational requirements and professional goals/interests. The plan will be sensitive to the individual requirements of the student's educational program and is developed based on the following categories:
Core Responsibilities
These objectives will become a mandatory part of the internship plan and will include: 
  • Mastering the intake and evaluation procedures for new members and patients wanting to participate in the various exercise programs at the Sports Medicine Center
  • Becoming an integral part of programming goals unique to the semester
  • Supporting staff in any of the components of the sports medicine center as need dictates (e.g., performing fitness evaluations for prospective clients, double-staffing the Fitness Center floor, assisting with an exercise class or lab testing)
  • Assist with ongoing research projects or contract work 
Program Electives
These objectives are choices that the intern can select once the core objectives are in place. Electives include: 
  • Providing in-service to staff
  • Developing or implementing a survey related to customer service, use patterns, etc.
  • Organizing an event or "competition" for members or class participants
  • Developing and distributing advertising and PR materials including public service announcements or newsletter articles 
Professional Electives
These objectives are choices that the student can select once the core responsibilities and program electives have been scheduled. Professional electives are optional hands-on or observational visits to other departments within the facility, including: 
  • Sports Medicine Clinic: A clinic specializing in sports-related issues (e.g., musculoskeletal injury).
  • Sports Physical Therapy Clinic:   A partner to the Sports Medicine Clinic, this clinic specializes in customizing rehabilitation protocols.
  • Athletic Training Outreach Program: A program that sends certified athletic trainers to area high schools at regular intervals during the school year.
  • Preventive Cardiology: A program specializing in higher risk patients with a variety of metabolic disorders (e.g., coronary artery disease)
  • Spine Clinic: A clinic specializing in cases specifically addressing obvious back injury and head and neck pain.
  • Spine Physical Therapy Clinic: A partner to the Spine Clinic customizing rehabilitation protocols.
  • Occupational Medicine Clinic: A program designed to both prevent and rehabilitate work-site related injuries.