Dietetic Internship Program Costs

The UW Health Dietetic Internship program costs are outlined below. For estimates of variable program-associated expenses.


Program Costs


Program Application Fee (non-refundable)


Prior Learning Evaluation Fee (Public Health concentration only)


UW-Madison Document Fee


Program Fee, covering 18 credits


Books and supplies


Medical, car and rental insurance


Professional organization and Affiliate Membership fees
AND Membership Required


Professional meetings or workshops


Housing ($800-$1,200 per month)


Utilities, phone, Internet, etc. ($80-$120 per month)


Transportation ($30-$60 per month)


Total Estimated Costs, inclusive of variable housing and transportation expenses:



* Costs are estimated based on monthly estimated and multiplied by 10 months for the program duration.


Additional information related to program costs:

  • Interns can receive a free Metro bus pass. Parking is limited on campus and requires application and payment. Some rotations are off-site and will require transportation outside of the Madison Metro service area. These distances are within a 45-minute drive. Costs of transportation will vary by student choice.
  • Interns are responsible for the cost of their own food.
  • Interns are responsible for securing their own health insurance. Proof of health insurance is required prior to the start of the internship. Tuition costs for the program do not include segregated fees. Therefore, access to university health services or healthcare access to UW Hospitals and Clinics is not provided. Interns are responsible for locating access to affordable health care based on their current insurance plan.
  • Miscellaneous: Registration, travel, housing or eating expenses for attendance at professional meetings
  • All interns are employees of the Department of Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services and may apply for special project work in the facility’s Learning Kitchen, Milk Lab and Catering for additional income.
  • At present, interns are eligible for student loans.



Please contact the program manager at