Community Pharmacy Practice Residency

The UW Hospital and Clinics Community Pharmacy Residency develops residents into highly trained clinicians enhancing skill and motivation to influence change on the cutting edge of community pharmacy practice.


Residency Showcase: Dec. 6, 2016


Come meet us at the ASHP Midyear 2016 Residency Showcase from 8-11am. More details about the residency showcase


Graduates of the program will be motivated, adept leaders in clinical pharmacy practice capable of conducting and evaluating medication therapy management in the community setting, teaching current and future pharmacy practitioners, and will possess advanced practice and project management skill.


Focus areas of training will include the following: 

  1. Implementation and advancement of medication therapy management services in the community setting
  2. Advanced clinical skill development including training in specialty disease states through immersion during clinical rotations
  3. Professional association involvement advocating for advancement of community pharmacy practice and partnering to advance medication therapy management services
  4. Education and training of current and future health professionals 
  5. Individualized leadership and management skill development

Residents will acquire a philosophy of practice that includes: 

  • Pharmacists' responsibility and accountability for pursuing optimal drug therapy outcomes in the provision of patient care
  • A system of self-learning and continuing professional development
  • A commitment to the pharmacy profession and the community 

Residency education and training will serve as a foundation for placement: 

  • In a PGY-2 residency to acquire further specialized training
  • In an advanced position as staff or management of a community pharmacy setting with emphasis on medication therapy management services and leadership
  • As faculty or staff at a university in the school or college of pharmacy involved with the provision of medication therapy management services in the community setting
  • As staff for a local or national professional organization