UW Hospital and Clinics Employee Services

Please Note

This information refers to benefits and compensation for UW Hospitals and Clinics residents and fellows. For information about Family Medicine residency and fellowship benefits and compensation, go to the UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health website.

Bus Passes


UW Hospitals and Clinics employees are eligible for the UW Employee Bus Passes through UW Transportation Services. UW Hospitals and Clinics covers the bus pass at 100% for its employees. For more information, visit U-Connect.


Wellness Program


UW Health's Wellness Options at Work Program offers and promotes activities, education and resources to all UW Health faculty and staff, and supports them in changing behaviors and making healthier choices. The program's activities and educational resources offer to help to manage stress, refrain from tobacco use, increase physical activity, reach and maintain a healthy weight, manage alcohol and drug addictions, maintain good nutrition and improve general health. Visit U-Connect for information on current programs and resources.




Perhaps a co-worker has made a difference in your day by doing something special. There is a quick and easy way to say "thanks" or give someone a pat on the back. The Hi-5, was created for this purpose and allows employees/physicians to send a note of thanks or congratulations to a fellow co-worker. The employee/physician wishing to send this type of recognition simply needs to log on to U-Connect, find their co-worker in the online directory, and select the Hi-5 tool. Both the co-worker and the co-worker's manager (via carbon copy) will receive an email which, upon opening, reveals the Hi-5 note.


Thanks for Caring Recognition Program


Thanks for Caring is a recognition program is designed to reward UW Health staff who exemplify behaviors guided by one or more of our UW Health Values with on-the-spot recognition. UW Health managers have access to this recognition program and can reward employees with a Thanks for Caring branded thank you card and/or small gift.


Employee Assistance Program


Effective immediately upon employment, all UW Health employees have access to LifeMatters, our employee assistance and work/life program. LifeMatters is designed to be a confidential source of information and assistance to help employees and their families, including but not limited to legal assistance, financial resources, child care and counseling services. For more information, call 1-800-634-6433 or visit mylifematters.com (password: UWH1)


Cashless Convenience


Cashless Convenience is available to all UW Health employees and allows staff to make cash-free/credit-care free purchases through Payroll deductions using their UW Health ID badge. Cashless Convenience can be used at pharmacy locations, food service locations and gift shops throughout UW Health. For more information, visit U-Connect.


Corporate Discounts


UW Health offers a wide variety of discounts to area vendors such as restaurants, fitness clubs, car care facilities and Wisconsin Dells attractions. Visit the U-Connect page to view all of the corporate discounts available and request coupons.




Care.com is the largest and fastest growing service for people to get connected with providers for child care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping, tutoring and more.


Care.com provides pre-screened profiles of providers, monitored messaging, and access to background checks, recorded references, and educational information on interviewing process.


There is no cost to join as UW Health pays the membership fee, you are responsible for covering costs of care providers you may hire. Visit U-Connect for additional information on how it can assist you in managing your career and personal responsibilities. Sign up by going to www.care.com/uwhealth. You will need to use your computer login username (abc123) as your unique ID.