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Graduate Medical Education Office

(608) 263-0572

Residents can apply for scrubs by going into U-Connect and searching "scrubs" on the homepage. Staff is required to use their UW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) identification card to access scrub apparel dispensing equipment.


MUHL scrubs are provided only to staff that work in an environment where a high degree of asepsis is required. The one exception to the criteria regarding a high degree of asepsis, due to the practical nature of the issue, is that MUHL scrubs are also provided to residents who work extended overnight shifts (i.e., night call in the hospital) and are expected to be at the bedside quickly.


The scrub machines are located in 18 different locations in the hospital. Scrub machines are matched to the residency specialty on where residents can check out and return scrubs. A maximum of three sets of scrubs can be checked out at one time. Once a soiled scrub set is returned, a clean set can be retrieved.


When completing residency all scrubs must be returned to the machine. Any individual not returning scrubs will be charged $25 per scrub attire not returned.