Graduate Medical Education Program Directors

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Graduate Medical Education

2639 University Ave., Suite 201

Mail code 9920

Madison, WI 53705-3750

(608) 263-0572

Office hours: 8am-4:30pm

The following information is intended for GME Program Directors and Coordinators. If you cannot find the information for which you are looking, please contact the GME Office for assistance.

  • Program Director's manual

    Informational resources intended for GME Program Directors and Coordinators are now housed in MedHub. Please click here log in to MedHub to access any information previously found at this location. If you are a GME Program Director or Coordinator and need access to MedHub, please contact the GME office at

  • Graduate Medical Education Committee

    The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics GME Office Resources for the GMEC have been relocated to MedHub. Please click here to log into MedHub. If you do not have a username and password to MedHub, contact the GME Office at

  • Educational Resources

    Outcomes-based education is a performance-based approach to developing, implementing and evaluating curricula. The performance outcomes dictate GME curriculum content, teaching methods, assessment strategies and curriculum structure.