GME Benefits and Services

Please Note

This information refers to benefits and compensation for UW Hospitals and Clinics residents and fellows.

For information about Family Medicine residency and fellowship benefits and compensation, go to the UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health site.

It is the objective of the UW Hospitals and Clinics to maintain resident/fellow stipend levels at the mean of Midwest teaching hospitals. Annual stipend rates will be based on the mean levels reported in the Council of Teaching Hospitals annual survey and will be adjusted on a yearly basis as necessary.


Annual Stipend Rates for 2018-2019

  • PG 1: $59,201
  • PG 2: $61,210
  • PG 3: $63,608
  • PG 4: $66,464
  • PG 5: $69,404
  • PG 6: $72,586
  • PG 7: $75,502
  • PG 8: $78,626

Determination of Stipends


A resident/fellow's annual stipend is stated in the letter of appointment. The stipend level is determined by counting the number of years after receiving an MD or DO (or equivalent degree) that have been spent in a training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education that apply toward board certification in the current specialty.