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The Emergency Department (ED) of UW Health at The American Center has 16 beds and is located on the east side of Madison. We have a combination of attending physicians, resident physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and ED technicians who provide care to patients.


The American Center ED would like to care for all patients presenting via EMS. However, the patient populations listed below are generally better served if transferred to the University Hospital Emergency Department given the availability of higher level of services in certain areas.

  • Pediatric patients
  • Suicidal/Psychiatric needs
  • Patients from facilities with standing requests for transfer to University Hospital (i.e. CWC, Mendota)
  • Trauma (according to the Dane County Destination Determination – Adult, Trauma protocol)
    • Trauma red or trauma yellow
    • Patients with unstable vital signs
    • Significant Mechanism (i.e. MVC>40mph)
    • On anticoagulation

Patients, EMS providers, and ED providers all benefit from the consistency provided by the EMS Patient Transport Guidelines. We also recognize that deviation from guidelines may, at times, be safe and appropriate. Thus, moving forward, our physicians have committed to doing everything possible to ensure a real-time conversation via radio communication to better understand extenuating circumstances in these cases.


The American Center ED is committed to continuing to refine these procedures alongside our regional EMS colleagues and ensuring we provide the best care to our patients.