UW Health SuperFriends Brainiacs Benefit Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Eight UW Health physicians took first place in the Aldo Leopold Nature Center's (ALNC) first annual Brainiac Bowl, an April 19, 2013 fundraiser for the independent, non-profit organization that teaches students to see and understand the land in the spirit of famed ecologist Aldo Leopold.


UW Health participants representing American Family Children's Hospital included:


• Jim Conway, MD

• Christopher Green, MD

• Allison Redpath, MD

• Jessie Roach, MD

• Christine Seroogy, MD

• Daniel Sklansky, MD

• Grant Syverson, MD

• Christine Zimmerman, MD


The Brainiac Bowl TrophyThe trivia event was held at The Brink Lounge and had 16 tables with 128 participants. Overall, $20,000 was raised for environmental education programs for students of all ages at the ALNC.


According to Kelley Van Egren, director of development at the ALNC, the decision to fundraise with the Brainiac Bowl was fueled by their desire to stay true to the ALNC's educational mission. Trivia questions were mostly science-based, but fun and locally oriented, with a mix of pop culture, history and political topics. There were also some questions reflecting the different professions that teams represented.


Dr. Jim Conway came up with the "SuperFriends of AFCH" team name. Inspired by Brainiac, the extraterrestrial villain who first appeared in DC Comics in the 1950s, Dr. Conway got the idea for the name from "the Justice League and SuperFriends from Saturday cartoons which showed that collective skill is a force greater than the The American Family Children's Hospital SuperFriendsindividual."


The SuperFriends of AFCH came back from behind in the second half to win the Brainiac Bowl.


"We had a good mix of people on our team," said Dr. Conway, noting that the different strengths of team members contributed to their win.


The evening also featured a costume contest.


"We had matching AFCH shirts, but we plan to take it up a notch," said Dr. Conway in reference to next year, when he plans to proudly defend the SuperFriends of AFCH Brainiac Bowl title.