Uncompensated Care

"Words alone cannot begin to express my appreciation for the generousness of your adjustment of my recent account. This is an un-measurable assistance in my recovery, both physically and emotionally, and financially."

These are the words of appreciation from a patient who was able to benefit from UW Health's Financial Assistance Program. UW Hospital and Clinics understands the financial hardship medical bills can cause, especially in a challenging economy, and the Final Assistance Program assists patients in paying off of their debts. Patients work with the accounting department to apply for financial assistance to cover a portion or all of a bill. UW Health provides morethan $30 million of charity care at cost to patients.

This assistance comes as a major relief to these patients who have already gone through the stress of a medical problem.


As one former patient wrote, "Even though I truly owe every penny for the fantastic treatment I received from UW Health, I am extremely grateful for the kindness given in removing my debt responsibility…it certainly reduces some of the stress."

Another patient wrote of her gratitude:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart ... a heart now restored to healthy function due to the masterful efforts of your remarkable institution. And thank you, overall, for one of the most powerful and positive experiences of my entire life."