Mental Health Services

Since Jennifer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago, she had been faithful about taking her medications on time. In the midst of her stressful divorce, she misplaced her medications when she moved into a new apartment. She restarted her regimen after a week, but it had been too long. Her personality completely shifted from warm and upbeat to easily agitated and constantly angry.


Though her memory from the time is foggy, she recalls, "It was as if I were in a different state of mind, like someone else had taken over. My family and friends could barely recognize me."


One night not long after she resumed her prescriptions, she drank too much, got behind the wheel, and drove her car into an embankment.

Paramedics took Jennifer from the accident scene to UW Hospital and Clinics. As one of the few hospitals that accept medically compromised patients in their psychiatric units, UW Hospital offered Jennifer comprehensive care to treat her physical injuries and mental disorder.


Jennifer is proud of her progress and credits her physicians, nurses, and support staff not only for her psychiatric treatment but also for educating her on total wellness.


"Each and every day, the staff provided me with the encouragement and strength I needed. They built me back up and put me back on track."


She was discharged with a new lease on life, feeling better about herself than ever before.


In UW Hospital and Clinic's psychiatric unit, patient care extends beyond the mental illness to the patients' entire well-being, and patients often leave healthier in all aspects of their lives. A significant number of the inpatients in this unit are from the local area and rely on government assistance. Despite providing this service at a financial loss, UW Hospital and Clinics is committed to providing this necessary service to the community.