Keeping Children Safe with Effective Training and Equipment

Parent at the American Family Children's Safety CenterUnintentional injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in children in Wisconsin and the nation. As a leader in child advocacy and injury prevention, the American Family Children's Hospital offers a number of safety programs to help Wisconsin families keep their children safe, everywhere from the highways to their homes.


"Through programs offered by American Family Children's Hospital, parents and caregivers are better able to have the education, technical expertise and safety devices to protect their children," said Nan Peterson, American Family Children's Hospital's SAFE Kids Coalition coordinator.


The AAA Child Passenger Safety Inspection Station gives families hands-on training in the correct installation and use of child restraints. Certified child passenger safety technicians also advise parents and caregivers on what restraint is age- and size-appropriate for their child to make sure their most precious cargo is protected.


"When used correctly, child safety seats can prevent injuries and save lives," Peterson said. "Because four out of five child safety seats are used incorrectly, we work with families to improve the safe transport of their children in motor vehicles."


The Kohl's Safety Center in the American Family Children's Hospital serves as a resource for all Wisconsin families to purchase child safety products at a low cost and learn about injury prevention. The statistics speak for themselves - prevention works! Wearing a bicycle helmet will reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent in the event of a crash. At the Safety Center, helmets and other life-saving merchandise are available to give families the tools they need to keep their children safe.


To ensure the effectiveness of these products, Safety Center staff is trained to answer any questions about proper installation and use of the products, whether it is a smoke detector, outlet plug, cabinet lock or anything in between. American Family Children's Hospital's Kohl's Safety Center is made possible in part through the support of Kohl's Department Stores.