Greystone Best-in-Class Awards 2009

Best Redesigned Intranet
Organization: UW Health
Entry Narrative
UW Health's intranet, U-Connect, was launched in early 2006. Though U-Connect has won national awards for its design and utility, we wanted to take a step back in 2009 to re-examine our U-Connect Workroom, its functionality and features. Over the years, U-Connect has done a good job of making job-related resources front and center in the Workroom. With the redesign, we wanted to maintain the same level of job-related functionality while creating more space for regular news, leadership communications and organizational priorities.

As part of the redesign, our e-Health developers created a new Worklist tool that is more functional and takes up less space. This allowed us to move things around a bit and add new features – including a weather bug and an area for rotating graphical promotions. A new rotating pod at the top of the page includes constantly refreshed news, communications from our leadership and "Top of Mind" priority initiatives. We also added a new search feature to the Worklist tool – start typing and options that match the letters you type will appear below the search box for you to select.

With the new Workroom, we're now providing much more to our users on our intranet's "front door."
The U-Connect Workroom (intranet homepage) prior to its 2009 redesign:
Old U-Connect Homepage
The U-Connect Workroom (intranet homepage) after its 2009 redesign.
New U-Connect Homepage
This image demonstrates the new Worklist search functionality that allows users to start typing and options that match the letters they type will appear below the search box.
New U-Connect Workroom with Worklist Search