Norma's Story

heart in handsNorma Walker would tell you that entering cardiac rehabilitation was the best thing she ever did because it gave her the motivation to get into the best shape of her life.
Since undergoing triple bypass surgery at 71, Walker has not let anything slow her down. Continuing to drive, sew, work at her church, cheer on the Packers and stay up until midnight, Walker has proven to herself and others that people can leave cardiac rehab stronger than they were before their heart condition.
Like the majority of heart patients, Walker entered the program with minimal knowledge and needed support in her recovery. She was amazed by the caring and knowledgeable staff she encountered in rehab, and she quickly learned how great exercise made her feel.
With a huge smile on her face, Walker says the program "just makes you feel good that you're doing this, doing it for yourself."
Walker continues to exercise four to five days a week, and says that she feels excellent and her heart has not been a problem. As the oldest survivor in her family, Walker credits much of her longevity to the program and says she's in it for life.