Week 2: Emotions and Eating


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Week 1: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Week 2: Emotions and Eating

Week 3: Get Inspired to Get Moving

Week 4: Staying Motivated


Day 8


Thinking about doing having to do something "forever" makes change feel impossible. But doing something "just for today" is possible.


Just for today, I will...


What's one, simple step you can take to be healthy in terms of the food you eat? Complete this sentence: "Just for today, I will ..."



Day 9



There are many reasons why we eat other than hunger. Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain will help you identify your triggers and outline simple strategies for coping with cravings.


When eating is particularly challenging for you, take a moment to write down what's going on. Identify a healthy habit you can turn to instead of eating and post it on the UW Health Facebook page.



Day 10


Eating healthy doesn't have to be that complicated. The Healthy Plate is a helpful tool that has replaced the food pyramid. Fill a 9-inch plate with ½ veggies, ¼ lean protein and ¼ carbs.
Print out the Healthy Plate and try one of our tasty, simple recipes this week. Want to learn more? Watch this video about Eating For Heart Health


Day 11
Learn to lighten up! Eating healthy can sometimes mean tweaking your favorite recipes. Using low fat mayo instead of full fat, substituting Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and replacing sodium with herbs and spices are ways you can continue to enjoy the foods you love while making them healthier.
Check out these tips from the American Heart Association on healthy substitutions and try making a simple substitution this week.

Day 12
Mindless eating often gets us into trouble. Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain shares strategies for learning to listen to your body and truly enjoying the food you eat.
Try practicing mindful eating at your next meal or snack. Post what you experienced on the UW Health Facebook page.

Day 13
"I can't imagine life without potato chips!" Many people think that being healthy means giving up their favorite foods, but that's not the case. The key is portion control and balancing high-fat, high-calorie foods with lighter, leaner foods that pack a nutritional punch.
Try one of these delicious recipes from our Heart-Healthy Recipes Pinterest board. 

Day 14
Eating when hungry and stopping when full is an effective strategy for losing weight. Our body is really good at letting us know when it needs more fuel, but we're often too busy to notice. Try to eat only when you physically feel hungry.
What's one heart-healthy eating habit you were able to add to your life this week?