Peggy's Diary Week Two: A New Friend

Peggy Nied accepted a challenge to improve her heart health, and share her progress with "Sewing with Nancy" viewers. This is week two of her diary.

The exercise is getting done - well for the minimum of 5 minutes per day at least. I have gotten in nearly the 150 minutes per week by the luck of nicer weather to walk outside and by getting a dog! Now I have another reason to get out walking!

Jack is from the Humane Society and actually walks pretty well, unlike our old dog that died last summer. He had to stop and lift his leg on EVERY vertical object in our pathway!


In the Active Living and Learning class this week, we are to count carbohydrates in the foods we eat.

I feel like I can only eat my string cheese because everything else is so loaded with carbs! Wow, is this an eye opener!

Fortunately there are alternatives to heavy carb foods such as low carb pasta, brown rice verses white, etc. I will definitely have to try some of these alternatives and hopefully my family won't notice the difference.

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