Peggy's Diary Week Three: Meeting Nancy

Peggy Nied accepted a challenge to improve her heart health, and share her progress with "Sewing with Nancy" viewers. This is week three of her diary.

Last week I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Nancy Zieman of the Sewing with Nancy show on Wisconsin Public Television. We met in her studio and taped on of the segments I will be featured in.

It was fascinating to see the technical process for recording the show. Nancy is such a delightful person!

While under the bright lights, Nancy commented on the warm temp, but I was surprisingly comfortable. When I got home I found out why I was not sweating like I typically would have - I was running a fever!

While being treated for bronchitis, I am trying to get back on my feet, but this coughing is really dragging me down. There was no exercising over the past week as I can hardly catch my breath as it is.

I'm just trying to get the laundry done, folded and put away for starters. I can tell I'm feeling better because now I'm craving ice cream - my favorite!

Buying just a single serving at a time has helped limit the amount of ice cream while not depriving myself. I have also used the American Heart Association's website to find healthy recipes my family will enjoy. My favorite feature on the site is the grocery planning tool which helps me put together grocery lists with heart-check mark items.

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