Peggy's Diary Week Six: A Tough Week

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Peggy Nied accepted a challenge to improve her heart health, and share her progress with "Sewing with Nancy" viewers. This is week six of her diary.

It's been a very tough week.

It started when I found out about the sudden death of a dear friend's brother. Not only was I feeling deep concern for her and her family, but I struggled with tough schedule decisions which thankfully allowed me to go to the funeral.

I needed to get out for a walk and release some stress to decompress and figure things out. It was too cold to go out walking with my son who has muscular dystrophy and no one else was around or available to hang out with him.

I could have been creative and run around the house cleaning for exercise or go to the mall to walk, but instead I just worried and picked my cuticles. Not a good way to reduce stress.

The silver lining to this is that I am becoming more appreciative of walking. I really craved the physical activity and the way I feel when I get out for a walk.

Now I just have to plan for other alternatives when getting outside to walk is not convenient.

I signed up for the Go Red Better U program online and it sends me daily tips for staying heart-healthy. Not only does the program give me ideas for fitting exercise into my day, the American Heart Association says that this is a makeover that could save your life. Well, this might be one makeover that involves more than a new hairstyle and a manicure.

I'm up for the challenge and have already begun seeing some exciting changes on the inside and out.

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