Peggys Diary Week One: Setting goals

Peggy Nied accepted a challenge to improve her heart health, and share her progress with "Sewing with Nancy" viewers. This is week one of her diary.

The Active Living and Learning with class with UW Health is great, but I don't know how in the world I can get 30 minutes of exercise in 5 times/week!!


We are supposed to set our goals to be realistic, meaning 90 percent sure we can achieve them.

I plan to set my goal at 5 minutes minimum of cardio exercise per day. I think I can manage this, or at least should be able to for starters!

It feels great to exercise on the equipment in class, but I tend to work through my lunch hour and get home after dark. I don't want to walk outside in the icy conditions of our Wisconsin winters. I am going to try to park the car further from work, climb stairs more and head out for walks on nicer days.

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