Peggy's Diary Week Five: Changes are Occuring

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Peggy Nied accepted a challenge to improve her heart health, and share her progress with "Sewing with Nancy" viewers. This is week five of her diary.

Changes are occurring: my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are improved and I have lost 10 pounds!

I don't know why my sugars are still on the higher end though, but I'll keep trying to get this down.

One big improvement in my routine is to not eating after 9pm. It was always relaxing to nibble in bed while watching the news before going to sleep. I now know that this food just goes right to my belly fat that is certainly something I don't need more of (especially because an increased waist size puts women at a higher risk for heart disease).

Getting in the frequent walks with Jack is helping me feel in more control. I also signed up for the Go Red For Women movement and the monthly e-newsletters with fitness tips and healthy recipes are really helpful. That's one e-mail I look forward to each month.

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