Go Red Quilting Project - Donation and Speaker Invitation Form

Hands forming a heart, Go Red For WomenThank you for your interest in the UW Health Go Red For Women quilting project. If you are interested in donating quilts, quilt blocks or materials for our Go Red quilt auction, or if you would like our heart health experts to come to your next quilting session, please complete and submit this form.
We will follow up with you within 10 business days.
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Donate a quilt to Go Red American Heart Association 2008 Go Red For Women Luncheon Quilt Auction
Learn more about donating a quilt block to the Go Red quilt auction
Invite Go Red women's heart health experts to my next quilting session (please see questions below)
If you would like to invite a Go Red speaker to your quilting session, please tell us the date, time and location of your upcoming session(s):
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