Go Red for Girl Scouts: Helping Girl Scouts Love Their Hearts


Since 2007, UW Health has offered the Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program and to date, more than 4,000 girls from 29 states have earned red dress patches.


The mission of the Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program is to help girls love their hearts, make healthier choices and empower those around them to do the same.


Catherine's Story


One such Girl Scout is 10-year-old Catherine and her team of Catherine’s Crusaders who participate in the Boston Heart Walk. She walks not only to raise awareness about heart disease but to celebrate her own healthy heart and the heart health of those she loves.


Catherine was born with a hole in her heart, an atrial septal defect that was monitored closely by a cardiologist for several years.


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In 2007, at age five, she underwent surgery to close the hole. Her mom Amy is happy to report that since the procedure five years ago, Catherine is doing great, and has no restrictions.


This year Catherine participated in the heart walk again and walked in honor of her uncle who recently underwent quadruple bypass surgery and who is also doing very well.


Catherine is a Junior Girl Scout and proudly wears her patch on her vest, and shares her story with anyone who asks. We thank Catherine, her Crusaders, and all the Girl Scout leaders and troops who have educated others about better heart health.