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This Father's Day give dad a gift that's heartfelt and heart-healthy. Here are some simple and fun Father's Day gift ideas for husbands, dads, and grandfathers that promote nutrition, physical activity and heart health.

  • Help dad get back into a favorite sport with some new equipment or a lesson. A new tennis racquet, new bike helmet, a few golf lessons or a new hoop in the driveway may be just the inspiration he needs.
  • New walking or running shoes may help him get or stay on a heart-healthy path by encouraging walking or jogging.
  • Personalize and pump up his workout. Load up his MP3 player with some fun new songs or give him a gift card so he can add favorites of his own.
  • Make it easy for the man you love to monitor his blood pressure. A high quality blood pressure cuff is a must. Make sure it is an arm cuff, not one that measures from the finger or wrist.
  • Is dad the family grill master? How about a nice vegetable grilling pan? Offer to slice his favorite vegetables for a delicious and nutritious side at any cook-out.
  • Strength training becomes especially important as we age. A new set of free weights or resistance bands are a great way to improve strength without taking up space in the house. A gym membership or a few sessions with a personal trainer are great options too.
  • A day out in nature can provide stress relief and promote physical activity. A State Parks season pass is a wonderful way to encourage time outdoors. Include an offer to go hiking, fishing or kayaking together.
  • We all like to snack. How about filling a Father's Day basket with healthful snacks like nuts, tortilla chips, salsa, hummus and any other high-fiber, low-fat goodies that your dad would enjoy.
  • Help dad forgo fast food and eating on the run. Give him a cool, “grown-up” lunch box that he can pack with healthier options. Even better - help him get in the habit by stocking healthy lunch options in the fridge that he can easily pack during the morning rush.
  • For the kid at heart – though we encourage you to limit screen time, an active video game like Wii Fit Plus, Wii Resort or the equivalent for other video games might help even the most skeptical guy get moving!
  • If your father isn't getting his zzz's, he may be at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and obesity. A high quality pillow can provide the gift of a good night's sleep and good health.
  • And our favorite - the gift of time together. Whether it be a walk together or a hike in the woods, a play date at the park or a picnic at the beach, give dad what he deserves most--your time, love and attention—and they're all good for the heart. Make your own coupon book or get started by downloading our version: Father's Day Coupons (pdf). Make this Father's Day the most heartfelt one yet!

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