Fall/Winter Exercise Plan: October-January

Spending 30 minutes raking leaves burns 135 calories for a 150-pound person.UW Health is proud to be the exclusive local sponsor of Go Red for Women, helping the American Heart Association promote awareness of prevention of heart disease in women. Together, we work to provide women with ways to live a heart-healthy life, no matter how busy life may get.


This issue, we’re offering readers fun, seasonal activities to try as a part of your regular exercise and diet plan. Consider hanging this list on your refrigerator and encouraging your family and friends to join you.

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Remember, it is best to work out most days of the week, so consider taking a brisk  walk or jogging for at least 30 minutes five to seven days per week.

Calories burned in 30 minutes for a person weighing 150 pounds:

Fun in the Fall

Brisk walk: 176

Jogging: 238

Leisurely bike ride: 135

Backyard football: 86

Raking leaves: 135

Playing with the kids: 135

Casual soccer game: 238

Frisbee: 103

Golf: 117

Let it Snow
(What to do when the snow comes)

Bowling: 103

Shopping: 81

Pilates: 126

Skating: 171

Shovel snow: 207

Sledding: 234

Hockey: 274

Downhill skiing: 297

Cross-country skiing: 387